Conservative Republican Mark Keough was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives, representing House District 15 and Montgomery County in 2014. He is currently serving his second term in office. In addition to serving as State Representative, Mark is currently the Senior Pastor of The Woodlands Bible Church in The Woodlands, Texas. After 26 successful years in the automotive industry, Mark retired and chose to pursue Christian Ministry as his full time vocation.

During his 26 years in business Mark had the privilege of being a General Sales Manager, General Manager and Dealer Principle of a number of Houston Metropolitan Ford dealerships with his last position as the General Sales Manager of Northside Lexus having served there for almost 14 years. He holds Masters Degrees from Dallas Theological and Grace Theological Seminaries as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Cedarville University. He has done studies at the University of Cincinnati and most recently at the University of Texas at Austin. Politically Mark calls himself a “constitutional conservative”. He is an advocate for small businesses, free markets, fiscal responsibility, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and family values and an advocate for smaller government. Mark has been a life member of the NRA for over 20 years, a Second Amendment advocate and staunch defender of citizens right to gun ownership and possession.

He is an avid hunter and fisherman, and enjoys shooting sporting clays.

He is the father of four children and grandfather to three.

Mark resides in The Woodlands with his wife Kimberly and their two dogs.
The Keough’s have called Montgomery County their home since 1996 with their primary residence in The Woodlands, but also a lovely home on Lake Conroe in Willis.


Representative Mark Keough has served two terms in the Texas House of Representatives and during his service he has been ranked in the top 20 most Conservative Representatives in the Texas House. While serving in the Texas Legislature Mark worked on landmark legislation to improve the lives of Texans across this State.

During the 84th Legislative Session, Mark co-authored several tax relief bills to help our homeowners and business owners across the state. He authored legislation that reduced franchise taxes on our businesses throughout the state, and pushed for increased border security funding so our Texas Troopers have the necessary funding they need to secure our international border with Mexico. All while passing one of the most conservative budgets in Texas’ history. During the 84th Session, Representative Keough served on the Human Services Committee and the Corrections Committee, where he championed improvements in our broken CPS system in Texas.

During the 85th Legislative Session, Mark authored legislation to address the many issues in the property tax appraisal system. Along with legislation to empower property owners in Texas to have more control over their property taxes. With the downturn in the Oil and Gas sector of the Texas economy, many in Austin looked to our “Rainy Day” fund to address the projected deficit. Representative Keough stood tall against raiding the rainy-day fund, to ensure that fund was available in times of disaster. At the time, no one could predict the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, Hurricane Harvey, hitting the Texas Gulf Coast. Thankfully, the rainy-day fund stood in tact at the end of the 85th legislative session, to ensure Texas has the necessary funds to address any disaster that affects our great state. During the 85th Session, Representative Keough served has Vice-Chair of the International Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations committee, and continued his services as a ranking member of the Human Services committee, where he continued to push reforms in our CPS system.

During these two terms, Representative Keough watched as good legislation which aimed to help Texas property owners with their rising tax bills died. Because of this he felt strongly that any fight for property tax relief must come at the local level. For that reason and many others, he launched his campaign for Montgomery County Judge. By addressing massive government spending growth, and prioritizing our spending in Montgomery County, Mark felt he could deliver lasting property tax relief for every homeowner and business owner in the County. Having spent a lifetime in the private sector managing multi-million-dollar businesses, Mark is prepared to take on the challenge of eliminating waste, providing tax relief, planning for future growth and infrastructure, and restoring ethics to our County government.