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Representative-Elect Mark Keough becomes first freshman this session to introduce legislation.

Austin, TX— Representative-Elect Mark Keough of The Woodlands is already ahead of the curve going into the 84th legislative session as a freshman. During the pre-filling period, Mr. Keough has already submitted a number of new bills that will be considered during the session.  Filing these bills demonstrates his commitment to the citizens of Montgomery County, ensuring Texas has a bright future ahead.  HB 317 also known as the Transparency in Local Government Act would require counties of over 45,000 in population to create a searchable database disclosing county expenditures.  Also filed was HB 318, which addresses the major issue with auto insurance companies being able to issue policies by excluding drivers who reside in the same household as the policy holder without adequately disclosing the exclusion.  In addition to those bills, Mr. Keough also filed HB 319. This bill, if passed, would establish a program to allow pre-trail mediation between the victim and the offender.  This will give relief to Texas and county jail systems, and ensure that victims are made whole by giving the offender an opportunity to compensate the victim for their crime.  HB 320 was also introduced calling for an increase in punishment for child predators who prey on Texas children through electronic soliciting methods. Lastly, HB 321 also known as the Business Tax Relief Act, was introduced calling for the immediate repeal of the Texas franchise tax.  Repealing this tax would immediately provide relief to Texas’ small businesses who have been forced to pay income tax on margins even when profit may not have been earned in that year. 

“Being the first freshman to introduce legislation this session is something I am proud of since I have been working hard this summer preparing for this legislative session. My team and I have met with community and business leaders to discuss issues that face our community.  I am ready to hit the ground running doing the people’s business and working hard for all citizens of District 15.” Said Keough.  

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